PetVet DayCamp Pricing Structure

Group Play Assessment$25
Full Day $28
Half Day (less than 4 hours)$18
Wednesdays and Saturdays$18
Late Pickup (8pm-8:50pm)$5/15 minutes
Early Dropoff (6:30am-7:00am)$5
Personal Playtime with Staff Member$8/15 minutes
Individual Walk$8
Flea Treatment$10 *required if any fleas found
Medication Administration$5

Full Day Packages

5 Day$125 ($25/day)
10 Days$240 ($24/day)

Half Day Packages

5 Day$85 ($17/day)
10 Days$160 ($16/day)

Nap Time Ala Carte

Tuck in for Nap with Petting$2.50
Email Update$2.50


House Special$4
Meal Individually Bagged by Owner$2.50
Meal Not Individually Bagged by Owner$3
Frosty Paws Ice Cream$4
Bottled Spring Water$2


Nail Trims$18 *+$5 for dremmel filing
Anal Gland Expression$15
Ear Cleaning$10
Brushing Teeth$5

Recommended Schedule (for maximum play time)

Drop off7:00am-8:00am
Play Group8:00am-5:00pm