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Amanda Greenstein, DVM


Dr. Amanda Greenstein was born and raised in the small town of Ashland, Oregon. She received her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from the University of San Diego and upon graduation moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean to teach scuba diving and conduct field research on local fisheries, sharks, and sea turtles. There were many stray dogs and cats on the small island she lived on and she became passionate about veterinary medicine after working with a local organization to organize spay and neuter clinics. Dr. Greenstein attended veterinary school at Oregon State University, where she had the opportunity to travel with classmates to Nicaragua and Costa Rica for volunteer veterinary clinics. Some of her most rewarding experiences in veterinary medicine involve providing veterinary care to communities that otherwise would not have access.

Dr. Greenstein moved to Oahu to join the PetVet Animal Hospital Ohana and be able to scuba dive, kitesurf, SUP, hike, and surf in her free time. She is a Fear Free Certified Professional and strives to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in every appointment. Some of her special interests include surgery, dentistry, and preventative care. Her cockatiel, Penny, also flew across the Pacific Ocean with her to their new home in Hawaii!

Fear Free Certified

Dr. Amanda Greenstein, DVM