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Welcome to PetVet Animal Hospital

PetVet Animal Hospital is proud to serve Honolulu, HI and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service.

We believe in treating every patient as if they were our own pet, and giving them the same loving attention and care. We are a group of highly trained, experienced animal lovers who are devoted to giving our patients the best care possible.

Our Purrr-Pose

We strive to provide our furry patients and their owners with Aloha, respect and compassion. We treat each and every patient as if they were part of our own family and welcome you into our PetVet family!

If you have any questions about how we can care for your pet, please don’t hesitate to call us today. Thank you!

What Our Clients Say

  • 5 star ratingDr Joy is the best.  She checks out Cooper and makes sure he's happy and healthy.  They also have daycare and boarding.  Great place to take your 4 legged friend.

    Shane A. Avatar
    Shane A.
  • 5 star ratingI'm so glad Pet Vet opened in Salt Lake as I am a resident of Salt Lake.  I take my Aiko there for play days and boarding.  Aiko loves going there.

    The reception girls are so nice and friendly and will answer any questions you may have.  It's so comforting to know that Aiko is in good hands while we're away, as someone is always there 24/7.   Pet Vet is the best!  AND, they've come up with the perks program which saves us some money!  Wonderful!

    Pet L. Avatar
    Pet L.
  • 5 star ratingMy little one had an ear infection that needed some attention.  I called our usual vet (large facility in the pearl city area) and they didn't have an appointment availability for days!  I was given the option to come in urgent care for $140 just to walk in the door.  I felt kind of defeated.  Then I remembered my friend telling me that there was a new vet hospital in salt lake that is much more affordable.

    I called pet vet and they didn't have any appointments for the day either, but their walk in fee is only $70.  Sold! I was so happy that I grabbed my pupper and we drove to salt lake which is only 15 minutes from my house.  

    We got taken in within 15 minutes as a walk in patient and we saw Dr Tarr.  She is so sweet.  She got my Boof checked out and confirmed he had an ear infection, but it looked easily treatable with flushes and antibiotics.

    I would like to add that the front desk and vet techs were all too sweet.  I felt very welcomed the second I walked in.  Everyone took the time to ask about Boof.  We also got some snacks from the doggy snack bar they have in store.  I really enjoyed the vibe I got at this clinic!

    I will be transferring all my pets here!

    Lynn U. Avatar
    Lynn U.
  • 5 star ratingI personally feel very comfortable with the staff and trust that my furry baby will be in good care. They haven't let me down. I've had last min trips and they have been really accommodating. Thank you PetVet!

    Michelle A. Avatar
    Michelle A.
  • 5 star ratingWe just arrived and our little pup that had braved the flight took a tumble while jumping off the bed in our hotel room. Went to yelp to find the nearest vet and found PETVET with top ratings. Went there next morning with no appointment and was seen within 15 minutes. While we were there several people brought their dogs in for playtime daycare with their dogs eagerly wanting to go play. Our veterinarian was helpful and gave some sound advice along with a good reasonable prognosis. We got the medication (They actually put it in little syringes for the doses) and we went home. The veterinarian called two days later for a follow up to she if our pup was doing good and if there was anything else needed. Give this place a double thumbs up for courtesy and convenience. Thank you PETVET.

    James R. Avatar
    James R.
  • 5 star ratingWow! I have 3 spoiled cats that have been to all the highest rated vets for cats. One of my cats is a spoiled long-hair that hardly gets sick, the other is a young kitten - and the last one is a weirdo cat that is a bit overweight and does strange things (But we love him!).

    He's been to 3 different vets and he's gotten better all 3 times - most of it was behavioral or temporary, he's just a strange kitty and I'm a worried cat mom. This place has easy parking, bright immaculate BRIGHT GREEN lobby room, everyone was very nice.

    In the check up room the technician was very nice, very kind and gentle. The doctor came in and checked him out. We thought it was a tooth problem and she checked in his mouth but didn't see anything. She felt him - like really smooshed his skin and organs around and felt his bones, I feel like other vets never really gave a physical that thorough! He was being a good boy so they even touched each one of his teeth to see if he had any pain! They took his temperature, gave him lots of pets and praise. The exam table had a bright green pad on it, which I thought must be nice for him, instead of the cold metal table.

    There's a fine line that I look for - I want you to calm my scared cat, I want you to be gentle and kind, but I also don't want him to be sick and I want you to REALLY thoroughly feel him and smoosh him and really check him out - I feel that we got both!

    She left it up to me, if I didn't agree that nothing was wrong, I could have more test done, xrays etc, but I didn't think he needed it, they didn't think he needed it, and they didn't push - but it was nice to know I had the option. Checking out I was happily surprised at the amount - much lower than other places! Now I won't feel so torn about taking him in the next time he does something weird!

    Nicole M. Avatar
    Nicole M.
  • 5 star ratingAmazing staff and outstanding customer service.

    You can tell they truly love helping sick and injured pets...and not just about trying to deplete your bank account like other vet clinics.

    The doctors really take the time to listen to your concerns regarding your pet and don't rush you through your appointment.

    Highly highly recommend this as veterinary clinic!

    Bertha V. Avatar
    Bertha V.
  • 5 star ratingIt was my first time coming here as a recommendation from a friend.  It's a very clean, spacious, and modern clinic. Staff was great and awesome. Dr Anbe and Dayna were great with my kitty Olive and very attentive. It was her first vet visit so she was very nervous. Will definitely be returning here for future visits.  Also love that they are open late.

    Karen M. Avatar
    Karen M.
  • 5 star ratingDr. Nagata formerly of Vca of Kaneohe is now here! Thee best Vet I've seen till date! She actually cares about the animals she sees. All the other Vets I've encountered are just doing it for the money and you can tell the don't really care about your pet!

    Kevin T. Avatar
    Kevin T.
  • 5 star ratingSo Happy!  One of my dogs developed a horrible cough and kept me up all night.  Called and made an appointment next day.  appointment was within a few hours and they obtained my dogs records for the previous vet.  Both dogs were seen, 1 diagnosed and treatment began the other preventative measures taken and shots updated.  Both dogs  had their nails trimmed as well.  Great experience; have found a permanent vet close to home finally.  Great. friendly and efficient staff and cost friendly!

    Tabitha C. Avatar
    Tabitha C.
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